New Barbarian twins cd out now.


Barbarian Twins, “HOUSE OF ILL FAME”

Fascinating journey from Barbarian Twins

It’s all about being on the run. There is always somebody who wants you back. You are left with yearning, longing, melancholy and drama. Lots of drama.

This is the plot you are given on Barbarian Twins’s new record ”House Of Ill Fame”. You get a rock sound which is retro – without looking back, heavy – without being thunderous, funky – without striving for the obvious commercial appeal, and last but not least; These are tunes that tell a story, and take you on a fascinating journey, whether you want or not.

Variety with a signature sound
The feeling of being haunted, being on unsafe ground, seers through the album – lyric-wise as well as in the music.

Musically, this album travels through scary country-gospel, hard Texas-blues, catchy rock with choruses to die for, tear-dropping, soul-flavoured ballads, funky, stripped-down grooves – before it wraps everthing up with a naked, acoustic ballad.

The rock band from Oslo/London debuted in 2009 with the very roots-sounding US release ”Won’t Bow Down” (D and M Records). After touring the US the same year, the band started writing songs and planned the recording of this album.

”House Of Ill Fame” is released on the norwegian label, Rapid Records, famous for having the norwegian comet, Andrea Dahle on their roster.
– I really liked Barbarian Twins’s first album as well, but this time we have produced a way more consistent album, says CEO of Rapid Records, Henrik Moy Askildsen.

– So 1973
In February/March, Barbarian Twins toured Europe with LA Guns, and made their mark with a different rock sound.
– Barbarian Twins is so 1973, I love 1973, said founder of La Guns, Tracii Guns when he heard the band live.

Drummer Doni Gray Castello (Izzy Stradling, LA Guns) fell in love with the band’s ballads, and persuaded the band to play “Running From The Cold” for the first time during a show in Germany earlier this year.

Warmed up from the road, Barbarian Twins booked studio time in Sunflower Recording Studio, and cut eight tracks during the sessions.
-It was fantastic. I think we have gold here. Now, we will show people that Barbarian Twins is more than a great live band. These tunes is as good as anything, and I really think Norway, as well as the rest of the world, needs a good rock album now, says Henrik Moy Askildsen, who also co-produced the album.



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